NeW is Four!

by NeW Staff on September 29, 2008 · 0 comments

I love telling people how I first heard about NeW. My very conservative father was listening to the Laura Ingraham Show, as he does every day, and happened to hear Karin Agness interviewed. He came home excited to tell me about something that I HAD to start at the University of Florida. He had heard this girl named Karin Agness on the radio, and she had started a conservative book club called NeW. He said, “Holly, she just sounds like she could be your friend.” I was excited about the possibility but overwhelmed at the idea of such a big undertaking. I told my dad I didn’t know enough about politics to start something like that on my campus. Fortunately my dad had more insight than I did, as he said, “Holly, that’s the point. This is an opportunity for you and other conservative women on your campus to learn together about the issues that affect you most.” And thank goodness I followed the advice of wise old dad.

Now over two years after the initial conversation with my dad, NeW at the University of Florida is thriving. Our membership is growing rapidly, the enthusiasm for NeW camaraderie is increasing, and conservative knowledge is deepening. The women in our group love coming together to talk about conservative ideas, to ask questions about confusing issues, and to encourage each other to continue standing firm on principles. It really is amazing to see the network that NeW has created and fostered for conservative women at UF, and I am excited for the potential this group has to continue to influence the culture and mentality of our campus. I am so thankful for the national growth and success of NeW these past four years, and I look forward to continue watching it flourish.

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