NeW Educates the UF Campus

by NeW Staff on October 23, 2008 · 0 comments

This semester, NeW at UF has profiled the policy positions of each candidate at our meetings. Our goal is to provide an unbiased look at the issues alone, helping our members to become educated on the candidates beyond what they hear on the news. Our members have really responded well to this education, and many have commented on how helpful the information has been to them. We want the women in our group to know precisely why we are conservative, and how this affects our voting decisions.

Since it was working internally, we decided to extend it to the campus by distributing a summary of our findings on “Vote Smart” flyers. We compiled a comparison sheet of the policy positions of McCain and Obama on issues of the War, Health Care, the Economy, and Education. I had one girl come up to me later in the afternoon to tell me that she had already received and read the flyer, and though she was extremely liberal and knew we were conservative, she appreciated how unbiased the information was. Mission accomplished! We had successfully publicized for our group, helped to educate students to make an informed decision, and were recognized on campus for being above partisanship. Isn’t the purpose and mission of NeW so great?!?!

Julie McCay, our Secretary, and I stand all smiles to flyer with our awesome NeW shirts!

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