NeW Chapters

NeW chapters are on campuses from coast to coast.  If your campus isn’t listed, fill out the Prospective NeW Chapter Form and email it to NeW to start a chapter of your own.  NeW is looking to expand to more campuses.  Join the NeW movement today!

Do you want to become a leader on your campus? Want to become better educated on public policy? Ready to learn how to successfully counter feminism and speak up for conservative values on campus?

In you answered yes to these questions, NeW is right for you. Here are 10 reasons to start or join a NeW chapter! By starting a NeW chapter, you can:

1. Learn how to effectively advocate for conservative principles
2. Demonstrate leadership and involvement on your college campus (a great resume bullet)
3. Become connected with a network of peers and influential women leaders in politics and policy through networking opportunities
4. Learn about job and internship opportunities in your home state as well as networking events in Washington, DC
5. Attend the NeW National Conference in Washington, DC on scholarship
6. Attain knowledge and skills that will help you become a leader on campus and in your community (including op-ed writing, public speaking and professional development training)
7. Receive the NeW monthly chapter leader newsletter with tips and opportunities
8. Receive other invitations to attend special events
9. Become educated on conservative principles and the history of feminism
10. Enrich your college experience by adding intellectual diversity to campus and challenging those who have yet to consider a different point of view

2013 National Conference

2013 National Conference attendees

Current NeW Chapters

Thinking about starting a chapter? Watch this video.

Meet Our Graduating Seniors

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