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by NeW Staff on July 16, 2008 · 0 comments

Tired of feminists telling you that you must have more rights to succeed in society? Are you a conservative who cares about economic freedom but don’t know how to defend it? I stumbled across this recent study from the National Center for Policy Analysis ( at work, and I think it brings to light interesting results: women are more likely to succeed in a capitalistic society than even in a democratic society. See for yourself…

“Thus, contrary to the claims of some development economists, capitalism yields more than just greater economic efficiency. It also improves the well-being of women. The evidence implies that those societies that rely more heavily upon economic freedoms to promote women's well-being will be more successful than those societies that rely more heavily upon greater political rights to achieve social progress.”

I find this information pretty significant. Not only does it show how capitalism is beneficial to women specifically, it also reveals that more political rights do not yield the same results. Do you agree? Could this be a new tool to fight feminists? This is what conservative women have been arguing for years, legislating more “equality” does not bring about true equality. This information is also helpful in presenting claims against socialist economists. Regardless who you share this information with (and I think you definitely should!), these findings show the benefits of living in a society where economic freedom is embraced and how such a structure directly affects women in a positive way. What a great reality!

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