My Top 5 Inspirational Women

by Danelle on March 11, 2011 · 1 comment

In honor of International’s Women’s Day on March 8th and Women's History Month, I have compiled my personal list of inspiring living women in the world.

5.) Ayaan Hirsi Ali: A Dutch writer born in Somalia, Ali escaped radical Islamic practices. Ever since, she has been writing to expose militant Islam customs like in one of her most popular books Inifdel, and also founded a women’s organization called the AHA Foundation to “help defend and protect the rights of women in the West against militant Islam.” Her resolve to overcome her past and aid women living unhappily is truly inspirational. 4.) Margaret Thatcher: As the first Prime Minister of Great Britain, she led the fight against communism during the Cold War along with U.S. President Ronald Reagan. She showed that women could become involved in high ranking politics, and her determination proved that women are just as capable as men to run a country and stop an impending war. 3.) Jillian Michaels: A widely influential personal trainer, Michaels is best known for being a trainer on The Biggest Loser. She overcame her childhood obesity, and has helped others who are overweight change their lives using positive encouragement and tough love. Her strength in training (outdoing many men) and willpower in life is one to be commended and imitated. 2.) Sarah Palin: The youngest and first female elected Governor of Alaska, Sarah has made an impact in everything she does. You may disagree with her politics, but you cannot ignore how much of a statement she has made for women everywhere - balancing career and family so well. Her passion and tenacity to stick with her principles is something undoubtedly inspirational. 1.) My mother and sister: My mother’s love and strength of character on what is right set up my moral compass and has also led me to get more involved in women’s issues. My older sister has helped guide me through the hardships of being a conservative woman, and has offered me advice that has made me stronger. I will always look up to both of them as the most inspirational women in my life. Who are your top 5 inspirational women? Let us know in the comments section!

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Elizabeth March 15, 2011 at 12:08 pm

Great post Danelle! 🙂
My number 1 would be my mother and sisters as well…there is nothing like the kind of bond you have with your mother and sisters. You see true sacrifice, patience and love within your family…and that is unmatched.
I also love your Jillian Michaels pick! 🙂 She is a great motivator and an overall positive person. A great example of an ambitious woman who overcame adversity in her own life.


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