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by NeW Staff on February 18, 2009 · 0 comments

Holly posted on Bristol Palin's FOX interview yesterday.  I think we will be hearing about Bristol Palin for years or at least as long as her mother is in office or running for office.  Regardless of how many interviews Bristol does, I would guess her one line that abstinence is "not realistic" will be what keeps being repeated over and over.   Most media are using her statement on abstinence as the headline.

From CNN:  Bristol Palin: Abstinence for all teens 'not realistic'

From FOX:  Bristol Palin Says Abstinence 'Not Realistic at All'

From Feministing:  Bristol Palin admits abstinence is 'not realistic'

In the interview, Bristol discussed how having a baby at such a young age is challenging.  People Magazine has captured the bigger story with the headline, Bristol Palin's Baby Proves a Handful for Young Parents.  I hope in future stories that more writers will get beyond Bristol's statement on abstinence and to the deeper issues of teenage pregnancy.

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