Meghan McCain vs. Accomplished Conservative Women

by NeW Staff on March 18, 2009 · 0 comments

Thanks for this guest post on the Meghan McCain controversy by Loren.

1: Meghan McCain vs. Ann Coulter

McCain, daughter of John McCain, has been regularly posting on a blog, The Daily Beast.  After being a registered Republican for less
than a year, McCain has recently blamed the fall of the Republican Party on the likes of Ann Coulter. McCain states that she finds Coulter “…offensive, radical, insulting, and confusing all at the
same time.”  She also writes that the
fact that Coulter headlined CPAC was “not really saying that much” about how Coulter
was a conservative leader.  I think that McCain would
probably be more successful by offering a positive solution, rather than pointing
figures at one of the most well-known conservative women in America.

2: Laura Ingraham vs. Meghan McCain

Laura Ingraham brought up some of McCain’s comments on her radio show this past week
and somehow ended up mentioning McCain’s body size and saying that McCain was
not MTV’s “The Real World” material.  McCain went on The View to reply.  While these comments surely are not great arguments
by Ingraham, turning to the ladies of the View certainly is not a good way to
vent, seeing as they have dished out their own comments on appearance to their
foes many times before.

3: Michelle Malkin vs. Meghan McCain

Michelle Malkin
is stepping up with Ingraham to protect her fellow conservative women, and recently
wrote about how loyalty may be one of the conservative values that Meghan
McCain forgot. In her article, Malkin highlighted one of McCain’s posts praising comedian Russell Brand, despite his
outlandish support at the MTV Awards for Barack Obama and his bashing of Bristol
Palin.  Malkin concludes that McCain’s
tastes surely are not agreeable with true conservative values.

Unfortunately, right now it seems to me that Meghan McCain was much more agreeable with the ladies of The View during her latest
appearance than leading conservative women.
McCain should reevaluate her agenda as she goes against these
accomplished conservative women.

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