Meet NeW Intern: Krystal Hernandez

by Krystal on May 29, 2014 · 0 comments

We are are excited to introduce you to Krystal Hernandez, one of our NeW interns this summer. Take a few minutes to read more about Krystal below! If you are interested in interning with NeW, you can find more information here.  Krystal Hernandez UF How did you hear about NeW?

 My cousin heard one of Karin’s presentations about NeW in D.C. and, thinking of my political aspirations and conservative morals, introduced me to the organization.

Why were you first interested in interning for NeW?
 As the founder and president of University of Florida’s NeW chapter, I’ve had a wonderful experience with the national organization, its conviction, and its leadership. That, coupled with the professional growth and networking opportunities the internship promised, made applying for the internship a simple choice.
What do you hope to gain from your internship?
 I am particularly excited to be concentrating on special events during the duration of my internship because of the extensive administrative and logistical work it entails. I plan on working towards a J.D./M.B.A. beginning next year, and this experience will be invaluable to the development of the skills needed to successfully acquire those degrees. Further, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to be in contact with many politically and socially influential women whose work I greatly admire, and hope to make significant connections with them, as I eventually would like to enter our nation’s political arena.
Why do you think NeW is important?
The morals and principles that NeW promotes are, unfortunately, being undermined and patronized by a weighty portion of the United States’ population. In some of those cases, it is being done so out of ignorance. NeW emphasizes the spread of knowledge as a powerful tool for the completion of our objectives. After being in contact with NeW, you will understand why it is that you believe what you do; you will understand why the popular perception of what feminism is, and should be, is erroneous; you will understand why the implementation of social, economic, and political conservatism is something that this nation would benefit from.

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