Meet NeW Intern: Diana Stancy

by Diana Stancy on May 30, 2014 · 0 comments

We are are excited to introduce you to Diana Stancy, one of our NeW interns this summer. Take a few minutes to read more about Diana below! If you are interested in interning with NeW, you can find more information here. NeW How did you hear about NeW?
I first heard of NeW while investigating internships with conservative organizations.  At CPAC this March, I was officially introduced to NeW and learned more about what NeW advocates and promotes.
Why were you first interested in interning for NeW?
NeW's internship allowed me to harness my interests in political science and journalism simultaneously.  Additionally, I was attracted to the emphasis placed on empowering women and the fact that I would have the opportunity to meet women with similar goals and aspirations.  I recognized the support system NeW offered for conservative women and wanted to be involved!
What do you hope to gain from your internship?
I hope that this internship will further develop my writing skills and advance my maturity as a journalist.  I aspire to eventually work for a political think tank and this internship is an ideal stepping-stone to attain that goal.  Furthermore, I hope that this internship with NeW allows me to create valuable and lasting connections with like-minded women I strive to emulate.
Why do you think NeW is important?
Conservative values are often attacked, especially at college campuses.  It is incredibly evident that students, particularly women, subscribe to liberal ideologies based on the assumption that those values liberate them.  NeW's purpose and mission is paramount to inform others how conservative values embody empowerment for women.  Therefore, it is imperative for conservative women to find a voice and raise awareness for relevant issues that correspond to women today.  NeW is essential in providing a conservative alternative for modern women and effectively fosters an environment of support.  

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