Mary Beth Carozza speaks at Sweet Briar College

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In early February, Sweet Briar's NeW Chapter was honored with a visit from Mary Beth Carozza, a senior government and political leader with extensive professional, legislative, executive, and political experience. Carozza spoke to the group about her experiences as a conservative on Capital Hill and focused on what she calls "inspired leadership." She read excerpts from a Time Magazine article, "Lincoln to the Rescue" by David Von Drehle for examples of this "inspired leadership." Carozza gave examples of great political dexterity that she has experienced and accomplished. In the article, Von Drehle described the act of political dexterity:
A grudge was a waste of resources. If a person could be useful, it mattered little whether he was friend or foe.
Carozza spoke about this important lesson that she learned on Capital Hill. She said that even when "your side" wins and has the ability to take everything, in political terms, always leave something for the other side. It will always come in handy in the future.

2013-2-5 Mary Beth Carozza event Marissa McCord, Hunter Anne Stoner, Amber MacKay, Erin Whiteman, Elizabeth Kilgallin, Hailey Floyd

Mary Beth Carozza inspired Sweet Briar's NeW Chapter with her dedication, amazing ability to see the humor in all situations, and her optimism even in times of crisis. She gave us chills with her heart wrenching telling of her experiences at the Pentagon on September 11th and the days and years afterward. Carozza expressed her tremendous faith in the rising group of young Conservative women, found in groups like NeW. She will always be welcome at Sweet Briar College!

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