Manhood: Valued at the Superbowl but Ignored in Academia?

by NeW Staff on February 8, 2010 · 0 comments

The Superbowl gave America a hearty dose of masculinity last night. The commercials even sent messages about what it means to be a man. Doveshowed us the progression from boyhood to manhood. Dockers told men to wear thepants. The Dodge Charger is the man’s car of choice even when he has to sacrifice his manliness in other areas in order to make his significant other happy.


As funny or even sarcastic as the commercials were, it gave insight into manhood in the US. It’s too bad that football games are one of the few places that masculinity is valued. Some feminists condemn masculinity as a repressive social construct or the dangerous motivator behind the infamous patriarchy that is blamed for the ills of the world. Even our TV shows cast men in a negative light as the clueless dad or the bumbling boyfriend without any heroic qualities. Universities have entire women’s studies departments, but sometimes fail to offer even one class on authentic manhood.


There is at least one college class out there available to men at Monterey Peninsula College. However, it is not accepted as transfer credit at other institutions because it lacks diversity. This sounds like a course that is a minority to me. Check out the article from The National Association for Scholars.


“When Aaron Graham, an English major, transferred to the University of Wyoming this year, he requested to transfer credit from the ‘Literature By and About Men’ course at Monterey Peninsula College to fulfill the English department requirement. A few days later he received the petition back. The faculty committee representative, Leslie Rush, denied the request.  In the space given for her to provide a reason, she wrote simply, ‘List II courses should be on literature by and about women, not men.’”

I think many women would agree that they don't desire feminized sons, husbands or fathers. So why is there a lack of study on honorable manhood in academia? 

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