Love in a Time of Darwinism

by Catherine on December 9, 2011 · 3 comments

Chapter 6  of Manning Up lives up to its title - describing the state of "Love in a Time of Darwinism." Darwinism being the idea that the genes that survive are those of the "beautiful woman" and the "alpha male." This same concept can be seen in online dating through sites like Darwin Dating. Gone are the days of old-fashioned love stories. Here to stay is the age of pre-adults who are caught between "biology and culture." Women are taught to strive, perform, and compete. The child-men, being outpaced by women, resign themselves and wait till women's biological clocks slow their ticking. Now the game for these child-men is to figure out how to seduce these women through advice from Pick-Up Artists and other "skilled" dating coaches. So, what are we to do? Sadly, Kay Hymowitz, author of Manning Up, offers no solution. But, Candice Watters does offer some good advice in her blog "Hyper-Achieving Woman, Underachieving Man." The two easiest take-aways that any woman can do is to "be feminine" and to "help." What are your thoughts, dear readers?

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Ben December 10, 2011 at 12:28 pm

The People’s Republic of Feminism, in collaboration with experts, finds Darwin’s Dating sexist and thus a threat to society.

It is sexist because it denotes that men and women evolved differently when it comes to behavior and psychology. Clearly experts (Ph.Ds in Women’s Studies and other rigorous Social Sciences) would like to remind readers that men and women are innately the same and(/or just) be treated the same (aka equal rights).

Anyone who thinks otherwise should be sent to the Gulags for permanent reeducation.

The P.R.F. is working hard to confuse readers between natural selection and artificial selection. “Natural” mean allowing Darwinism just occur naturally without societal interference, whereas “artificial” means humans try to implement Darwinism in the social sphere; this is called Social Darwinism. But even so, Social Darwinism is evil because we can’t let people with better traits to help further society–no–we must mandate equality.

Because as any smart person knows: inequity leads to discrimination, discrimination leads to Hitler, Hitler leads to the KKK, the KKK leads to conservatives, and then the entire world ends.

Remember, comrade, “beauty” is socially constructed and has no actual objective validity.

The reason why obesity is not deemed sexy isn’t because of it actual affect on health and reproduction which in effect manifest into society and culture (like magazines covers). Pathetically untrue. The real reason is, of course, the patriarchy and the media is keeping women all down. Women are just to stupid not to see it!

One only has to look at Greek sculpture to see that before magazines and TV, obesity was a symbol of beauty and fertility. Examples are all throughout the ancient world! We should obviously not allow people to discriminate against obesity and select for traits more favorable because in doing so we deny what real beauty is and we allow discrimination.

The media uses beauty to oppress people into slaving away their own money to the evil corporate patriarchy! Personal Choice you say? No! Women are being manipulated! The truth is obvious comrade! Women Unite!

P.R.F. would finally like to remind readers to help further the goal of equality. Do not let the patriarchy fool you, comrade. If you find any form of sexism please be sure to contact your local commissar and I’m sure she’ll be happy to find this misogynist capitalistic pig and have in arrested in the conspiracy of going against equality.

We must secure the Motherland.


Richard Coutu January 23, 2012 at 12:11 pm

“Hyper-Achieving Woman, Underachieving Man.” hahaha so laughable. Yeh bc the problem today is men leaching off women?!? WHAT WORLD DO YOU PEOPLE LIVE IN? YOU HAVE NO CLUE OF WHAT LIFE IS LIKE OUTSIDE OF SOME IVY LEAGUE CAMPUS!


Randi May 25, 2013 at 7:17 pm

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