Levels of Patriotism: A New National Emergency?

by Elizabeth on April 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Different generations have displayed different levels of patriotism.

From the founding of our nation, Americans were excited to be apart of a new beginning, a new kind of nation, where there would be freedom, democracy, and justice. During the Civil War, Americans had to fight to keep our nation from breaking apart. And, throughout the World Wars, our love for the United States was tremendously tested and many gave up their lives for the name of America.

Where do we stand today?

Our generation has experienced September 11th and the war with Afghanistan and with Iraq. But we don’t seem to be nearly as patriotic as our grandparents and great grandparents who dealt with attacks on our soil like Pearl Harbor and wars such as the Vietnam War and the Cold War.

Where has our level of patriotism gone?

Studies show that the current level of patriotism is on the decline. Citizens are constantly talking about what is wrong with the nation, rather than what is right. It is often like we are fighting more battles within the country, rather than protecting our country against foreign battles.

Does the level of patriotism present a new national emergency?

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