Letters to A Young Conservative: Chapters 28-29

by Elizabeth on November 28, 2012 · 0 comments

Chapter 28, Why Liberals Hate America, and Chapter 29, A Republican Realignment?, couldn't have been read at a better time, some may say. In light of the recent election, conservatives are forced yet again to analyze their presentation of issues and where conservatives fit in America today, tomorrow and four years from now.
Liberalism crosses the line from criticism to anti-Americanism when it shows a pathological hatred of America, and when it faults the United States for offenses that it routinely excuses in the nation's enemies. (Pages 205-206)
The author talks about a "blame America first" mentality that many liberals have for why we were in specific wars, why we implemented different policies, and why we support different governments.
There is nothing wrong with admitting that America, like other countries, acts on behalf of its own citizens. (Pages 206-207)
In the recent election, do you think these tactics helped the Democratic party? Did you even see them being used? In Chapter 29, A Republican Realignment?, the author states that America seems to always have a party dominate different eras. He also says that there are two big challenges the Republican party must address if they want to win elections and implement conservative policies:
The first challenge is that affluent people are no longer voting solidly Republican. (Page 214)
D'Souza explains that as Americans are getting richer, they get socially liberal and economically conservative. Conservatives need to emphasize the American values that need protection.
The second Republican challenge involves immigrants and minorities. (Page 215)
He explains that the black vote is predominately and always has been liberal. The Hispanic and Asian American vote are the two groups conservatives need to appeal to in order to win elections. In this recent election, we can see that the affluent vote, immigrant vote and minority vote preferred the Democratic party and Obama's campaign appealed heavily to them. As we move forward as conservatives, we need to focus on making the right message and targeting the right people in order to win and protect our conservative American values and create the change to bring America forward, conservatively.

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