Letters to a Young Conservative: Chapters 18-19

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This week, we read Chapter 18: How to Harpoon a Liberal and Chapter 19: Lies My Teacher Taught Me. In these chapters, the author discusses his love for debating at college campuses and what he experiences upon his visits. He has debated people such as: Jesse Jackson, Kweisi Mfume, Nadine Strossen, Mary Francis Berry, etc. and says these debates are desperately needed.
Liberals love to talk about diversity and to celebrate diversity, but when they get a real dose of it, they often react with horror. (Page 137)
The author makes a real effort to bring up topics and viewpoints that are often not expressed and explored at universities. He says:
What, then, is my objective? It is threefold: to inspire and invigorate the conservative students, who often feel besieged; to flummox and bewilder the radical studetns, who are for the most part immune to persuasion; and to persuade the students in the political middle, who are the majority on most campuses. (Page 143)
In Chapter 19, here are a few of the "lies" taught by teachers:
The Constitution was a racist document. (Page 145) Another textbook accused the American founders of being plagiarists. (Page 146)
What did you think of these chapters? At your university, did they/are they mostly liberal? Is there an open forum for ideas to be discussed? When was the last time your school had a conservative speaker? For next week, we will be reading Chapters 20-21. I look forward to discussing those with you then! Have a great week and thanks for reading with NeW! 🙂  

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