Leader Spotlight: Kimberly Milanese

by Alyssa Condrey on February 28, 2014 · 0 comments

We like to take the time to highlight some of the amazing women involved with NeW. Today, we feature an interview with Kimberly Milanese, president of NeW at University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (UNC). We are excited to work with Kimberly and her chapter at UNC this year! NeW at UNC is reading The End of Sex by Donna Freitas this semester.
UNC 2014-2 Kimberly Milanese, Rachel Wile, Peyton Soernssen

Kimberly (left) with other chapter leaders of NeW at UNC.

How did you first hear about NeW?
I first heard about NeW from a friend who is a member of NeW at Santa Fe College.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you became involved with NeW.
As an out-of-state student at UNC, I really wanted to do something unique and meaningful in order to maximize my college experience. When I heard about NeW, I felt that UNC didn't have any organization like it and that it would be a perfect opportunity for me to research and expand upon the conservative values that I grew up with.
What appeals to you about NeW?
I love the concern NeW places on the role of women. Considering many of the chapter members at UNC (including myself) are business majors, I thought NeW would be a great way to discuss the challenges women may face in an industry largely dominated by men.
What is the best part of being involved with NeW?
I'm able to meet new, amazing ladies every week. It's also extremely valuable to hear others' opinions on contemporary political and social issues concerning women in order to maintain an open mindset. I'm excited to delve deeper into current events that concern conservative values in a comfortable environment!

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