Launch of the NeW National Expansion Project

by NeW Staff on August 26, 2009 · 0 comments

This past year, NeW embarked on a Capital Campaign to raise funds for the NeW National Expansion Project.  The Campaign was a success!  As a result, NeW has hired its first  Executive Director, Holly Hall Carter, to lead the NeW National Expansion Project.

NeW was founded in 2004 by myself and some other young women at the University of Virginia.  It has been run by volunteers.  In less than five years, NeW has grown to over 15 college campuses across the country, held four national conferences in Washington, D.C., launched a website and blog and been covered by TIME, The AP, The Washington Times, Politico and other publications.

Holly is an extraordinary leader.  You may already know her from her NeW Blog entries.  Let me tell you a bit more about her.

Holly founded the NeW chapter at the University of Florida in 2006.  Holly has played an integral role in this grassroots movement since her involvement began. Under her leadership, UF was awarded Chapter of the Year in 2008. Holly has spoken at the past two national conferences and has been a regular contributor the NeW Blog.

Holly served as a 2008 summer intern at The Heritage Foundation, working in the Coalition Relations Department.  In 2009, she spoke on CPAC’s grassroots activism panel.

Here is a picture of me with Holly as Holly receives her Chapter of the Year Award in 2008.

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