Ladyblog Blogger Award Finalists

by NeW Staff on January 30, 2009 · 0 comments

Here is a list of and links for our fellow finalists for the Ladyblog Blogger Awards.  I thought you might enjoy visiting these other blogs.  I will post the winners as soon as they are announced.

Conservative Politics
The Anchoress
Crystal Clear Conservative
Cassy Fiano
With Bias
Small Dead Animals

Healthy Living or Leisure
Make Life Delicious
Passion for Letters
ChaChing--Save Money Now
Greener Penny
Danny's Blog

Parenting or Mommy Blogs
The Simple Wife
Mommy's Martini
Kingdom Twindom
Sisters of a Different Order
The Mommylogues

Pop Culture Entertainment
Yeah Right Blog
Network of enlightened Women Blog
Scandalous Women
The Lotus Blog
Christ and Pop Culture

Kafir Girl
Conversion Diary
Velveteen Rabbi
Peace for the Journey
A Holy Experience

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