It’s Official: NeW Blog Launch Fall 2009

by NeW Staff on September 4, 2009 · 0 comments

I’m sure you all have been wondering, why are most of these recent posts from Holly??

Well, fear not, I have some great news!

After a long application and selection process, NeW has selected these talented young women to be this semester’s blog writers. Congratulations to these NeW leaders and get ready for engaging discourse, insightful policy and news articles, and important NeW chapter updates.  And once again, we will be launching the NeW Online Book Club for our “satellite” members and for all of us wanting to catch up on a good read! 

Without further ado, here are our leading blogettes:

Karin Agness, Founder and President of NeW, Inc.

Blayne Bennett, President of NeW at Arizona State

Bridget Brophy, Former Leader of NeW at UVA

Holly Carter, Executive Director of NeW

Jessica Custer, Former Vice President and Co-Founder of NeW at UF

Annemarie Dawson, Former President and Founder of NeW at Arizona State

Rachel Kopec, President of NeW at UF

Loren Monk, Vice President of NeW at UVA

Caroline Rushing, President of NeW at UVA

Ferrum Wang, President of NeW at Arizona Law

Stay posted for full bios of these leading writers. Here's to a great Fall Blog!

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