Is Sex Ever Really Safe?

by NeW Staff on November 10, 2009 · 0 comments

When fellow blogette Jessica and I were beginning to advertise NeW on the University of Florida campus, Jessica came up with the catchy question to ask students as they walked by our table: "Is sex ever really safe?"  I laughed the first time I heard her ask this as she explained the sort of topics we addressed in NeW, but since then I really have come to value what she said and how valuable this question is to us.

In our modern "sexually liberated" society, we often hear this: "If it feels good, try it, but just remember to be 'safe'!" Well, ladies, that's a bunch of baloney.  Sex is never really safe, and in our society, we have become so wrapped up with advocating for more comprehensive sex education that informs and protects against physical diseases, but we have completely forgotten about the emotional heartache and emptiness that always follows sex outside of marriage.  When we will truly support women in making decisions that are positive and healthy both physically and emotionally? 

Well today, let's talk about the physical danger that sex can bring and how many groups are not giving the right information to women.  Today in column, Dr. Miriam Grossman, author of Unprotected, discussed what she argues is another set of lies funneled to us by those who seek to advocate for the safest types of sex.  She exposes the facts that groups leave out when talking about sexually transmitted diseases.

How can we be really safe?  How can we be the most educated and informed?  Are we naive to think that abstinence is the only way to protect yourself?  I don't think so.  Just read Dr. Grossman's facts to see how dangerous sex can be even when you're "safe."

I think we should all ask ourselves this question: Is sex ever really safe?  What are the physical consequences is a good question to ask, but go further than that.  What are the emotional consequences you will face?  Is it worth it?  These are the questions we should be asking ourselves.  We shouldn't ever take sex lightly because frankly, it's a weighty issue.

If sex education were truly "comprehensive" as so many advocate, then it would talk about ALL of the effects of sex--physically and emotionally.

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