Introducing Women Who Make the World Worse

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Welcome to the inaugural summer post of NeW's online blog Book Club! Every Monday, I will facilitate discussion by posting  thoughts about interesting quotes and points in Kate O'Beirne's book, Women Who Make the World Worse: And How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports. This week we will be discussing the Introduction. If you do not have your copy yet, you can buy it on Amazon here
According to Kate O'Beirne:
"The modern women's movement is totalitarian in its methods, radical in its aims, and dishonest in its advocacy. . .Fueled by their persecution fantasies, modern feminists have been calling for radical social engineering to eliminate any differences between the sexes. They insist that any sex differences are the result of social construction, not biology. So they want boys and men to be reprogrammed and treated for their 'pathology.'"
Kate O'Beirne goes on to list the following women in the public sphere working toward these aims: Jane Fonda ($12.5 million gift to Harvard for anti-male research), Whoopi Goldberg (pro-abortion philosophy and praise for single-parent families), Hillary Clinton (plan to '"liberate" women by putting their children in federally funded childcare programs), and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (complaints about Mother's Day and Girl Scouts).
At my convocation at Arizona State University, these women
would have been satisfied in their "success." The undergraduate student speaker for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was biologically a man who regarded himself as "she." Thus, he was one of those boys who was "reprogrammed and treated for his 'pathology.'" Sadly, because he depended on his unusual appearance to sustain the audience's attention, his speech had no content. With perfectly straightened hair, thick eyeliner, large gold earrings, this student began his speech by blowing a birthday party / New Year's Eve party blower. Although his words were meaningless, his actions and appearance spoke loudly.
I have a question for you all. Actions supposedly speak louder than words
. However, for the success of their methods and aims, radical feminists have not been silent. They have garnered key positions and used their platforms  to proclaim their philosophy and make it seem "mainstream;" while conservative women have been content being consistent in their actions at home, at work, at church, and in their community. I would argue that there is one thing wrong with this picture. Conservative women have been silent.
Would you agree? How should conservative women change what they are doing to challenge the women who make the world worse?

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