Intern Spotlight: Gabriella Mahan

by Gabriella Mahan on June 6, 2014 · 1 comment

We are are excited to introduce you to Gabriella Mahan, one of our NeW interns this summer. Take a few minutes to read more about Gabriella below! If you are interested in interning with NeW, you can find more information here.


  How did you hear about NeW?
I first heard about NeW when a sorority sister of mine opened up a chapter this year at my school, Hillsdale College. After exploring the NeW website and the organization's mission, I wanted to become involved. NeW is unique in its focus on women, and I think it is important that conservative women on other campuses are made aware of the network and education that NeW supplies.
Why were you first interested in interning for NeW?
I was able to interview for the summer position at NeW through the Koch Internship Program.  I am studying political philosophy at Hillsdale College, and am passionate about my conservative beliefs and morals. As a woman, I was intrigued by the mission of NeW as it is geared specifically toward young women like me.  I would love the opportunity to spread that mission to other college campuses, so other women may recognize the importance of sharing their conservative ideas.
What do you hope to gain from your internship?
I really hope to grow in my communication and networking skills, and I hope to reach as many women as I can through my social media efforts.  NeW's emphasis on women is so important.  I hope to form lasting relationships with the women I meet through this educational program, and to help further the mission of the organization so others like me will come to see the merits of NeW and want to get involved.
Why do you think NeW is important?
The current social climate is constantly labeling women as victims.  Women need to know that they are capable of success without relying on the government, and this is most important on college campuses, where conservative women are often attacked for their views.  They - or we - want to be heard. NeW tailors its mission towards these intellectual women, and educates them through literature and discussion so that they may have an outlet for their voices, and spread that mission across the country.

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Patricia June 6, 2014 at 10:02 am

Great addition to a wonderful organization. They are lucky to have you!


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