Interesting Matchup

by NeW Staff on October 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Today, I found an interesting headline that I thought NeWsworthy...

"Oprah Goes Rogue."  And how might she go rogue you ask?

By inviting none other than former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin onto her show on November 16 to discuss her upcoming book: Going Rogue: An American Life.

There has been some controversy over the Oprah/Palin relationship.  Last fall during the election, Drudge reported that Oprah had "barred" Sarah Palin from appearing on the show.  Oprah fought back by saying she held to a firm stance not to have current political candidates on the show. 

So now the election is over, and the time has come for the two to meet.  And it won't just be an informal one. Their first encounter will be on national television.  I'm interested to see how these two women interact.  I may even tune in to watch...

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