Intellectual Diversity at UNC?

by Karin on September 5, 2013 · 1 comment

The Daily Caller reports that the student government at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has cut the budget of the College Republicans after a heated debate over the merits of bringing two conservative women speakers to campus.  The College Republicans planned to bring Ann McElhinny and Katie Pavlich to campus.  They asked for $8,000 and were given $3,000.  This is less than the $5,100 given to Siren Womyn Empowerment Magazine, a feminist magazine, and the $4,000 given to the UNControllables, an anarchist group.  And it is less than what the College Republicans received last year. Some in student government might find benign ways to explain the budget process, but it will be difficult to explain away the student leaders who called McElhinny and Pavlich, "non-intellectual," "non-academic" and "unreliable." Think about a young woman on campus today who is ambitious in her career.  Before reaching age 30, Pavlich is already a New York Times best-selling author, journalist and contributor at a major TV network--and she has done it by working really hard.  I have seen her first-hand run between events and meet demanding deadlines.  She has broken stories and covers a wide variety of issues.  People might disagree with her on the issues, but how can they call her "non-intellectual"? This is a great example of what is wrong on campus today and why it is important for conservative student groups to host speakers to bring some intellectual diversity to campus. I hope UNC finds a way to bring Katie Pavlich to campus.

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