Ingredients of a Successful Marriage

by NeW Staff on April 14, 2010 · 0 comments

I came across a very interesting article on Psych Central the other day entitled “Why Relationships Change After Marriage.” I thought it would be of interest since often times young women have a very “Disney” outlook on marriage – happily ever after without effort – rather than the reality of marriage, which requires compromise and commitment.

With high divorce rates in today’s world, young men and women are missing some valuable information that could help them have a successful marriage.

It is definitely most important to be compatible with your future spouse and love him or her unconditionally, but a successful marriage, according to this article, should have a few other ingredients.

“People planning to get married should think about not only how their partners support what they hope to achieve but also about how their partners support what they feel obligated to accomplish,” said Daniel Molden, assistant professor of psychology at Northwestern and lead author of the study.

Essentially, a good partner should be one that helps you become the person you want to be and should also be one that helps you accomplish what you feel obligated to accomplish.

Personally, the outcome of the study makes sense – your partner should be there to push you to do your best and you should do the same for your partner.

Exit Question: Do the married readers have the same opinion of this study?   

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