Inaugural Address and Conservative Commentary

by NeW Staff on January 21, 2009 · 0 comments

Just in case you haven’t had enough coverage of the Inauguration today, here is the text of President Obama’s Inaugural Address.  Millions gathered to watch and were moved by the ceremony.

For conservatives, writer George Will provides an excellent analysis of his speech, shedding light on both the encouraging and discouraging remarks from today. He writes,

“Obama, whose trumpet never sounds retreat, overstated the scale of our difficulties with his comparison of them with those the nation faced in the almost extinguishing winter of 1776-77. Still, the lyrics of cultural traditionalism with which he ended -- the apostle of ‘change we can believe in’ urging the nation to believe in 'old’ values -- reinforced his theme of responsibility, summoning the nation up from childishness.”

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