HuffPost College Misses Chance

by NeW Staff on February 24, 2010 · 0 comments

The Huffington Post is launching a new online section, HuffPost College. The new section kicks off with an article by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Beverly Tatum, president of Spelman College and Jeff Katz, the Cornell Daily Sun’s witty sex columnist. “HuffPost College is designed to be a virtual hub for college life, bringing original and cross-posted material from a growing list of college newspapers” according to Arianna Huffington’s opening article.

Why should NeW readers care? Well, for starters, HuffPost College showcases student life in and out of the classroom and offers you the chance to chime in.

Let’s take Jeff Katz’ first article, “Text Love- ‘Hey Baby, What’s Up?’”. Katz article is mildly repulsive—although not as awful as some Alligator sex columns. He narrates “typical” mating rituals with flair and a love for hook-ups initiated with the simple, loaded question; “you still up?” Oh yeah, and did I mention these “innocent” texts of “concern” come between 2-3 am. So naturally, if you are up, you are looking for a hook-up.

Katz best line:

“Our penchant for technology has only made our quest for companionship easier.”

What type of companionship? The type that only last an hour (if you are lucky) or something rooted in commitment and substance?

disappoints me most about Katz’ article is the complete disregard for the realities of the hook-up culture. Katz had the chance to shed light on the dangers of hooking-up and not just insert humor and punch lines. Today’s hook-up culture leaves men and women, desperate, alone and unsatisfied the next morning. Women are left searching for their shirts, dignity and any chance at a real relationship on a dirty dorm floor. The hook-up culture is not something to trivialize, excuse or ignore. It is time for major media outlets, like HuffPost, to leverage their networks and look earnestly into the effects of the hook-up culture on college students. America’s 19 million college students deserve more than just humor; they deserve the full truth about the ramifications of their decisions. And that is not something to laugh about.

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