How Women Are Already Making a Difference

by NeW Staff on October 29, 2008 · 0 comments

Laura Bush has served this nation as the First Lady in a very different way than Hillary Clinton.  Since she has been quieter in her role, many Americans do not even know all that she has accomplished.  Her approach to improving the status of women internationally has helped ensure its success.  Columnist Kathleen Parker highlights Mrs. Bush's success in her latest column, The Other Bush Legacy.

Parker praises Mrs. Bush, 
"Many readers may be learning these things for the first time and wonder why. In part, it may be because Mrs. Bush's demure librarian-teacher persona has minimized her appeal to the media. But Bush's Texas manners should not be confused with passivity. She is a serious player whose White House tenure provides lessons for the next first lady.

Among them is one Mrs. Bush wishes she had learned sooner -- that the first lady has a bully pulpit and should use it. Although she gave the first-ever radio address by a first lady in 2001, urging support for Afghan women, Bush didn't hit her stride until her husband's second term.

Did she ever. Her mission has been anything but modest: to save women, educate girls, end poverty, reduce disease, expand democracy and promote freedom.

Women may not save the world -- at least not without the help of enlightened men -- but history will judge that one Laura Bush did her part.


It is important that the First Lady carves out a role for herself.  Either Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama should pay attention to Mrs. Bush's success.

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