How Our Educational Systems Affect the Nation’s Youth

by NeW Staff on February 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Education is the foundation of NeW. We seek to learn about our own viewpoints, but we also desire to learn about the beliefs of those around us. How we can make an educated argument if we do not understand both sides of a particular issue?

Often times, however, students in college learn strictly from one point of view, and overwhelmingly from the liberal perspective. Thomas Sowell recently wrote a column discussing the impact of one-sided educations on the nation’s youth. Rarely do universities and colleges present both sides of particular issues, and as a result, students naturally often believe exactly what they hear in the classroom. Sowell writes,

“Would it make sense for a jury to reach a verdict after having heard only the prosecution's case, or only the defense attorney's case, but not both?”

This is exactly what is happening at our universities. We receive one-sided information. The solution, Sowell proposes, is to learn from both sides of the issues. If we don’t stop this trend, he warns,

“Hearing only one side does nothing to equip students with the experience to know how to sort out opposing sides of other issues they will have to confront in the future, after they have left school and need to reach their own conclusions on the issues arising later. Yet they are the jury that will ultimately decide the fate of this nation.”

Sowell brilliantly captures the mission and purpose of NeW. We seek to address and learn the issues left off of college syllabi and educate ourselves on conservative principles. At the same time, we do not blindly accept only one perspective. Rather, we critically analyze both sides of issues to gain an educated and balanced response. NeW is working to change the current trajectory of this generation.

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