How much fun is too much?

by NeW Staff on February 26, 2010 · 0 comments

Last night, the Canadian women's hockey team struck Olympic gold.  And they celebrated. Big time.  Today, the Canadian women are taking the heat for last night's jubilee.

After Canadian women defeated the United States 2-0, the team proceeded to celebrate with champagne, beer, and cigars.  From pouring champagne into the mouths of fellow players to "trying to commandeer the ice-resurfacing machine," Canadian women created a sight to be seen.  

Many today are criticizing the Canadian women for allowing their public display to get out of hand.  Not only that, but Marie-Philip Poulin, an 18 year-old star (who incidentally also scored both goals for Canada), was pictured beer in hand in British Columbia where the legal drinking is 19.

The IOC's Excecutive Director of the Games, Gilbert Felli, said the rowdiness on ice was too much and should have been contained to the locker room.

This morning I heard a news commentator talk about the double standard between men and women, and I actually thought that was an interesting point.  If a men's hockey team struck gold in front of a home crowd, would anyone have turned their heads if a cigar was lit or champagne was popped?  Maybe not.  Maybe male athletes do get away with rowdier behavior.  But does that still justify this team's behavior?  Isn't there some standard of propriety all athletes should hold to?  What is the line between reasonable (and expected) celebration and rowdiness?

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