History in the Making

by NeW Staff on January 20, 2009 · 0 comments

Today is a day that will go down in history: the inauguration of America’s first black President. Millions have flocked to the nation’s capital to be present for the swearing in of Barack Obama. With so much excitement, it is easy to forget what our country faces: a devastating recession, a continuing war on terror, and a country polarized by one of the most heated elections in history.

Those on the Left anxiously await the arrival of Obama’s proposed policies and his plans for change.  At the same time, those on the Right have regrouped after November’s loss and work to reassert conservative principles. The air of disappointment by conservatives could not be hidden.

But the question remains, how should the conservative react and respond to today’s ceremonies and celebrations? David Horowitz in his recent Townhall column encourages conservatives to recognize what good has come from the election, while at the same time staying true to conservative principles. He writes,

“It is conservatives who should be especially appreciative of the dual nature of the American presidency, as conceived by the Founders…What matters today is that many Americans have begun to join their country's cause, and conservatives should celebrate that fact and encourage it.”

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