Health Care Conscience Protection

by NeW Staff on April 9, 2009 · 0 comments

Today, April ninth ends the 30-day comment period on the proposition of the Obama administration to overturn regulations concerning conscience protections for health care providers. Many of these had been approved in the eleventh hour of the Bush administration (December, 2008). Understandably, this worries health care professionals, including doctors, nurses and administrators, who are Pro-life.

My question is, why the Obama administration would propose these changes. If the general principle of not discriminating against those health providers who wish to act according to their consciences, is Unconstitutional, then those original laws (passed in the 1970's) need to be overturned. Simply attacking these additional provisions seems to be a purposeless stoking of the fire. Obama already has the second-wave feminists in his corner. Is he trying to provoke Social Conservatives and give them something to rally behind? It seems he already has enough on his plate! And more broadly, how do we feel about institutions that receive government funding through the Department of Health and Human Services, having to meet different standards based on their beliefs?

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