Happy Anniversary NeW!

by NeW Staff on October 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Happy Anniversary NeW! It is awesome to see how far this organization has come. When you get conservative women together with books and sweet desserts, the conversations and friendships are endless! My fondest memories of New has simply been meeting and networking with other conservative university women like myself. Being able to relate on the same issues, whether they be political or gender based, has been wonderful to have especially for my first year of college. Having two other NeW groups close by at Meredith College and UNC-Chapel Hill has been great because of the two tri-campus events that were held last year including Mary Katharine Ham and Phyllis Schlafly, which were another part of my favorite memories. It excites me each month to see which universities have started NeW on their campuses! I am looking forward to many more anniversaries to come  

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