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by NeW Staff on October 13, 2008 · 0 comments

Someone at TIME was having fun with its recent book reviews.  Two of the books reviewed next to each other are Lori Pine's The Get-Your-Man-to-Marry-You Plan: Buying the Cow in the Age of Free Milk and Steven Watts's Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner and the American Dream.

The reviewer describes the gist of Pine's book,
"The Gist: Ladies, dying to get engaged, but your would-be groom is dragging his feet? Look no further than this how-to guide to snagging your very own diamond.  Culled from her own personal experience, Uscher-Pines, a PhD from Johns Hopkins, tackles the dos and don'ts of getting even the most reticent man down on one knee.  There's no excuse he can give that can't be overturned with a little effort, because, as she contends, 'Powerful women take control.''"

The reviewer highlights 4 points,
1) Have no shame.
2) Be sure this is what you want.
3) Excuses come in all shapes and sizes.
4) If you follow Uscher-Pines' instructions, you'll soon be engaged--or single.

I like the title.  In the world of cohabitation, this is a big issue.  However, the book (at least from the review) seems to make getting married sound like something that you check off your list.  While practicality should have some role in relations, I question whether this author takes it too far.  Has anyone read this (and be willing to admit it in the comment section)?

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