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Executive Board of NeW at American University at the activities fair.

Executive Board of NeW at American University at the activities fair.

  • Looking for an outlet to talk and learn more about your conservative principles?
  • Confused about politics?
  • Not sure how to balance work and family?
  • Frustrated with modern feminism?

If your answer is YES, then you are ready for something NeW! Consider founding a NeW Chapter on your campus or in your community. We have college and young professional chapters. If you are interested in starting NeW and changing the current cultural climate on your campus or in your community, then fill out the Prospective New Chapter Form to start a chapter of your own. Join the NeW movement today!

NeW is eager to start more chapters. Additional chapters continue to be founded as more women learn about NeW. If you are interested in starting a chapter or would like more information about NeW, please contact NeW.

Why should you start a NeW chapter?  Here is what three NeW leaders say about NeW.

“I never anticipated I would discover a passion for conservatism in college.  As a freshman, I didn’t even know what ‘conservatism’ meant! I attended my first NeW meeting in the fall of 2006 at Arizona State University and I was shocked.  Young women get together and hold intellectual discussions?  Without indoctrination?  And I don’t have to hate men?!  I was hooked. I am so incredibly proud to be a part of an organization of intellectual women that went to a shooting range last week, is hosting a traditional tea party next week, and will host a Health Care Roundtable next month!  That very versatility is one of the strongest assets a woman can have, and NeW is an organization that fosters that type of diversity among women.  Now THAT is empowerment.”

-Blayne, Arizona State University

“As a student at a very large and predominately liberal university it is very uncommon to find conservative and well-grounded thinkers.  NeW is a response to this, is a beacon of conservative inspiration, and has helped harden my moral convictions.  I am very thankful and proud to be a part of this premier conservative women’s group, and I hope to help it expand at my university and nationally.”

-Jean, University of Florida


“Starting a NeW chapter means allowing for intelligent discourse and helping to educate women on campus about conservative women. One of the most rewarding moments as a NeW leader was when a young lady at our Involvement Fair said that she thought of herself as a liberal feminist, but after talking to me, decided that she was more conservative than she expected. I am part of a wonderful movement, and through my chapter’s enlightenment and ability to educate other women on our stance in NeW, we are beginning to find the issues that unify all women.  I am so glad I helped start a NeW chapter.”

-Danelle, Ohio State University