Gentlemen’s Showcase Featured in The Alligator

by NeW Staff on March 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Today, The Independent Florida Alligator profiled NeW at UF and their participation in the national search for collegiate gentlemen.  

The Alligator asked a Florida student if chivalry was dead.  Her response was an emphatic YES.  But thanks to the NeW women at UF, the climate is changing. NeW's President, Rachel Kopec, responded, 

"We want to spread this message that chivalry isn’t dead and that gentlemen do exist. We want to thank them."

Congratulations to the NeW women at UF for making the headlines and for promoting a message of mutual respect between the sexes.  Join these NeW women in nominating the nation's top gentlemen via video entry.  Also, donate $100 to recognize a young man you know.  Prove these naysayers wrong by recognizing the young men on campus who are making a difference.

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