Gentlemen’s Showcase 2012: Joe Cheatwood

by Sarah on March 29, 2012 · 1 comment

The NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase has had some amazing nominations so far. Here on the NeW blog we will be highlighting each gentleman to get to know them a little better and see why they should be the NeW Gentleman of the Year. Today's Gentleman is Joe Cheatwood from Patrick Henry College. How do you define a gentleman?
I believe the primary defining characteristic of a gentleman is that he considers the needs of others before his own. This is not just a public recognition of others’ needs, because he doesn’t do things just for show. He does things for specific people, and it is not important to him if others are watching or not. He acts out of respect for others, assuming the best in them without acting out of naiveté, and knows that most things are not worth building resentment or fighting over.
What is the best piece of gentlemanly advice you have received?
Once, when I was worried how to deal with an uncomfortable social situation, one of my friends told me that people see a lot more than the individual action. They see the whole person, and when that person is doing his best to do the right thing by people, they will see that and know it. You have to actually be a good man, or a gentleman – not just act like one.
What is something you have done or said that exemplifies a gentleman?
I just try to be friendly to everyone I’m in contact with, and let them know I’m not doing it just to win a gentleman of the year contest, but because I see them as valuable.
If you would like to vote for Joe Cheatwood, you can do so by visiting his page and clicking "like." Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for all the nominees in the 2012 NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase. Visit our blog again soon to read a profile on another gentleman!

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Patricia Birren-Wilsey April 7, 2012 at 5:58 pm

A gentleman acts through his strength of integrity and right action. Gentlemanly qualities are those of decent demeanor, self-discipline, kindness, intellectual curiosity, and ethical prowess. A gentleman understands that his daily actions tell the world who is really is. A male who does not possess and/or exhibit these qualities also tells the world who he really is!


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