Gentlemen: A Countdown

by NeW Staff on February 22, 2010 · 0 comments

To gear up for the Second Annual Gentlemen's Showcase at ASU on March 2nd, I will be posting the profiles of last year's top gentlemen during this week. These men are truly an inspiration as to what a gentleman is. I consider myself quite lucky to go to the same university as these outstanding young men!

There will be nine profiles posted, so keep an eye out this week to read their thoughts on role models, life goals, and of course...ladies!

To learn more about the event at ASU, check out our promo video:

NEW Gentlemen's Showcase from Sam Pagel on Vimeo.

If you know a gentleman at your school, you can nominate him for NeW's NATIONAL Online Gentlemen's Showcase! Submit a short video or a discussion board post explaining why your college man deserves the title of "gentleman."  Go to
NeW's Facebook Fan Page and post your video under the "Video" tab.  The video can show him in action or you can explain why he is such a great guy.  Not one for the limelight?  Go to the "Discussions" tab, and start a new discussion with his name as the subject.  As the description, explain why he is such a chivalrous man.  Be warned, videos are more likely to get the high number of votes!

The top gentleman whose video or written entry receives the most votes will win a steak dinner for two!  The nominator of the winning gentleman will receive a NeW t-shirt and Christina Hoff Sommers' book
Who Stole Feminism?

Go to
NeW's homepage to find out the rules for the National Gentlemen's Showcase, and start submitting those nominations!

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