Gentlemanly Advice Part 3

by Elizabeth on February 28, 2011 · 0 comments

Post image for Gentlemanly Advice Part 3 With the Gentlemen's Showcase starting tomorrow (I'm so excited!), I thought I'd leave one more column on the advice out there for what makes a gentleman. What's more perfect than a Wiki guide? 🙂 Check out this summary and see if this one actually does the job of correctly sharing the steps on what makes a gentleman. 1. Have good hygiene. 2. Pay attention to how you look. 3. Polite to everyone, in actions and words. 4. Prepared for acts of courtesy. 5. Doesn't swear. 6. Doesn't stare or make degrading comments toward women. 7. Is in control of himself and his actions. 8. Gives extra respect to women. 9. Doesn't just talk about himself. 10. Avoids politics and religion until he really gets to know you better. 11. Pays attention to the fact the world is more threatening to girls. 12. Remembers to keep doing nice things for his girl friend. 13. Surprises often. 14. If he is in love, he tells you. 15. Only talks about appropriate subjects. 16. Stands up for girls. 17. Always has good posture. 18. Doesn't ever talk down to women. 19. Doesn't fight, but stands up for his values. 20. If he decides to fight, he uses good posture. 21. If walking on the road, he walks on the outside (or closest to the cars) Does this list do gentleman justice?

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