Gentlemanly Advice Part 2

by Elizabeth on February 26, 2011 · 0 comments

Gentleman I must say, there is a lot of crazy advice out there for men on how to be a gentleman. This step by step process I found includes 21 steps (instead of 5 like my last post). Does this one do a better job of describing a gentleman? 1. Stay to the right of the sidewalk, stairs, road, etc. 2. Do not walk and send text messages at the same time. 3. Let's the woman kiss him first. 4. Doesn't wipe any lipstick off his face from a kiss until no longer with the lady. 5. Waits for the lady to eat first before he does. 6. Eats the garnish on his plate. 7. Places his knife and fork side by side on the plate when finished eating. 8. Always carries an umbrella. 9. Never wears a belt when wearing suspenders. 10. Leaves bottom button of his vest undone. 11. Never wears a bow-tie with a button down shirt. 12. Owns at least 1 pair of black lace up shoes. 13. Usually gets clothes dry cleaned, but knows how to iron. 14. Is careful when he emails. 15. Knows how to make a grilled cheese at 2 am and an omelet at 7am 16. Doesn't flaunt his expensive new gadgets. 17. Doesn't feel a necessity to wear socks after Memorial Day. 18. Never wears the same pair of jeans 2 days in a row. 19. Puts liquor away when he wants guests to leave. 20. Offers to make coffee in the morning. 21. Never waits for something better to turn up. Okay, what's your reaction to this list? I think this one is a lot more ridiculous than the last. After reading the article this was supplied in, I actually found that hundreds of men actually bought the book that this list was based on for $15! What is our world coming to?.....

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