Finding balance: the mama and the PhD

by NeW Staff on November 10, 2009 · 0 comments

My morning web surfing often leads me to places I wish I never found and then sites I am pleased to stumble upon. This morning has been no exception.

Blog U, a blog portal within, hosts an interesting blog site dedicated to mother’s attempting to balance parenthood and academics. Mama PhD is a landing strip for mothers who are working in the field of academia with a child wrapped around their ankles. In reading through the first handful of blogs, viewers may come across a slightly feminist vibe—but don’t click “next” too quickly. The re-told stories are from real women who are making it work. These women are mothers first and academics second. These women recognize that a conversation with their daughter about healthy eating habits or helping a struggling son pass an honors high school class never takes the back seat to preparing a Monday lecture. Take a look at the blog, think about it. You may be surprised to read that there are women who can balance career and family. And even though priorities may shift from day to day, motherhood never comes in second.

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