ESPN Launching New Brand for Women

by NeW Staff on October 22, 2010 · 0 comments

The ESPN is launching a new brand called espnW which is directed to women ages 18-34 that are interested in sports. Women’s sports currently only makes less than 8% of the programming on ESPN right now but the ESPN believes this would be a good venture for them. It’s something the ESPN has been researching for a while, as women’s sports coverage and popularity has been gaining ground. However, there are both fans and a defensive end to the new women’s sports network.

Critics complain that the new network will be condescending to women. That it would bring up segregation and belittle the sports of women. A quote from the Vice-President of the espnW,Laura Gentile, said, ““[it is]where we talk about women finding self-esteem in sports and about getting a pedicure.”

It is going to start off in digital format and use a lot of resources online like videos and blogs.

Is a channel dedicated to women’s sports advancing female sports or taking it away from going mainstream? Will the separate world for women prevent their accomplishments from being aired on the main sports channels?

What do you think?

Picture courtesy of: Sports Illustrated

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