Enlightened Idea for Meetings from NeW at UCF

by NeW Staff on February 10, 2010 · 0 comments

NeW chapters across the country have developed their own unique ways of providing a forum for discussion.  In addition to reading and talking about books, many NeW chapters present and discuss current events or relevant issues at the beginning of their NeW meetings.  This another way to foster education and promote intellectual diversity.

 At UCF, they've come up with a great way of doing this.  NeW at UCF President, Stephanie, explains,

"The Enlightenment Jar is a technique that the ladies of the UCF Chapter of NeW developed at our informational meeting.  Its purpose is to provide topics for discussion for future meetings.  How it works: at the beginning of each meeting, members of NeW are given slips of paper (pink, preferably) and are told to write down a topic that they'd like to discuss.  No topic is off limits but we do ask that the topic be a relevant, social issue.  At the end of each meeting, we pick our next week's topic; this way we can be create a series of discussion questions and information about the subject prior to the discussion.  Picking the topic a week ahead of time allows for us to advertise more effectively on our Facebook group and website as well."

What an "enlightened" idea NeW at UCF!  This is a great way to promote relevant and respectful discussion on issues.  And to all you other NeW chapters, feel free to use this technique to start out your meetings.  As well, leave a comment on other successful ways you've found to talk about current events and issues.

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