Elise Stefanik: A Conservative Woman Makes U.S. History

by Amy Sapp on November 5, 2014 · 0 comments

Today, history has been made! As of last night, ABC News reports that conservative Elise Stefanik of the twenty-first district of New York has become the youngest woman in United States history to be elected to Congress at the age of thirty. So, what does this victory mean for the conservative woman? No doubt, this win makes great strides for the female conservative constituent and politician in the United States; the stereotype of powerful women becoming elected to office mainly from the left is being directly and openly challenged in one of the characteristically most liberal states in the nation, the same state that Hillary Clinton so famously led in the Senate in the early 2000s. Is this the turning point for conservatives on the national political stage? Perhaps. Along with Stefanik’s win, the Right has taken control of the Senate. This could mean great opportunities for conservative women to step forward with their new majority power in the name of furthering conservatism in the national spotlight.

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