[Elevator] Pitch Perfect

by Gabriella Mahan on July 7, 2014 · 0 comments

You are on your way to an important interview and the CEO of the company walks into your elevator. You have sixty seconds before the door reopens and she is gone, but you want to make an impression. What do you say?

This is the perfect moment for your elevator pitch!

There is no tool more essential to a young professional than the elevator pitch.  An elevator pitch is a thirty to sixty second speech that summarizes who you are, your credentials, and your value as a job candidate.  This pitch is both versatile and concise - it can be used anywhere from an elevator to the metro to happy hour. A successful elevator pitch could land you a business card, a coffee date, or even a job! How do you create a perfect pitch? These are some common questions:
What experience should I include in my elevator pitch? How do I make my pitch sound natural? How do I initially engage the person I wish to give my speech to? How do I ask for someone's business card? When do I know that someone is not interested in my pitch? How do I make myself stand out as a candidate?
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