Election Day

by NeW Staff on November 4, 2008 · 1 comment

Election Day has finally arrived!  This has been an exciting campaign season, especially in light of a conservative woman being a part of a major party ticket.  The election shows that conservative women have come a long way in politics!  Take some time to reflect on where we have come and where we want to go before you vote.

I have been reading over the McCain and Obama campaign websites.  Under "issues," Obama's website has a "women" issue area.  The McCain's website does not, but similar information can be found under other issue titles.  I think this indicates that the candidates approach issues differently as Obama views specific issues as "women's issues," while McCain views all issues as women's issues. This has long been debated.

Happy voting!

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Alaa December 1, 2012 at 5:10 am

What if instead of brnuihsg it off, they clarify what it means and demonstrate how anti-woman it is? Unpack all the biases and bigotry that ride along with the word, by sparking a discussion. Make it so that people don’t WANT to use it because they know how destructive it is.I think that would accomplish a worthwhile goal reduce the amount of anti-woman bias by exposing our unthinking use of it. Do you agree, or do you think playing it down is still better?


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