Do you know her?

by NeW Staff on November 20, 2009 · 0 comments

What does a conservative woman look like today? Doug Patton's article in Human Events traces the key components of a conservative woman in his article, "The Rise of the Conservative Woman." Here are the hightlights:

1. These female leaders believe that marriage is a sacred bond between one man and one woman and anything else is a counterfeit.

2. They believe in allowing families to keep as much of their
hard-earned income as possible.

3. They support
true energy independence, and they know that the best way to get there, as Sarah Palin echoed the chants of many last year by saying “Drill, Baby Drill!"

4. These women have faith in America’s
small business owners and believe that they should be free to grow their businesses without excessive government taxation and regulation, and to access the entrepreneurial opportunities this nation affords.

They are adamantly opposed to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid takeover of health care, believing instead that the American people should be given more choices, not fewer, and that government involvement inevitably means government control.

They believe in school choice so that America’s children -- especially minorities -- are not trapped in the war zones that are too often our public schools.

They understand what the Founders knew instinctively -- that the First Amendment is worthless without the Second Amendment, and the Second is constantly under attack by those who favor big government.

Do you know her?

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