Dear Kate Middleton

by Guest on November 1, 2013 · 2 comments

Dear Kate Middleton, It's not easy being a modern American young woman. There are a lot of expectations out there. It is a world where girls hear that femininity is weakness and we ought to put aside these qualities and aspire to equality and sameness with men. It is a society where Playboy bunnies are glamorized and women's "reproductive rights" are the issue of the day, a society that defines women by their sexuality yet separates it from any sort of purpose outside of pleasure, a society that claims that men and women are the same but reports weekly, if not daily, of horrendous assaults on women. It is a fashion industry where modesty is prudishness and the amount of skin we show is indicative of our empowerment, and covering up means we are ashamed, and no thought is given to respecting ourselves. It is a Hollywood that offers Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Victoria's Secret Angels as standards of beauty and elegance, role models, and examples of success. But not all of us want this for ourselves or our daughters. And we look at you "across the pond" and breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you for teaching us how to mature gracefully, and that a potentially-questionable youthful indiscretion need not define us or make us insecure. Thank you for showing us that a happily ever after is still worth the wait. The world may have called you Waity Katie, but we admire your patience. Thank you for handling your royal breach of privacy with dignity and for allowing this glimpse of your humanness to give us the example to follow in our own public misfortunes. A women who respects herself does not require the media to affirm her. Thank you for showing us how to be lovely, feminine, and attractive without compromising integrity, without showing excessive skin, and without following every fleeting trend. Thank you for glamorizing again the dress, panty hose, and high heel. We missed the days of dressing up. Thank you for showing us the value of upholding tradition and a respectful way to be your own kind of princess. Thank you for showing the importance of family, duty, and honor. We've watched you travel the world alongside William, every bit his equal in importance, every bit as strong. Thank you for being someone we can admire. Please know that you are welcome back to the States anytime. And we would definitely clear our schedules if you chose to make an appearance, say, on a college campus to give some words of wisdom. Sincerely, A NeW Woman   *This post was written by Megan Conlon, 2012 graduate of Patrick Henry College. Megan currently works for a conservative non-profit in Washington, DC (since being a princess isn't a viable career choice).

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Alyssa Condrey November 1, 2013 at 12:59 pm

Thank you for this refreshing post! I would much rather have my future daughters look up to Kate Middleton than any Hollywood celebrity today!


germain November 1, 2013 at 3:21 pm

I find it interesting you need to look ‘across the pond’ while you have Michelle Obama, one of Kate’s biggest inspirations, and arguably the classiest and most effective first lady America has ever seen. Kate is a princess.. Michelle has been doing groundwork, politicing and policy work all over America, long before Obama was even elected. Her body image, her always age appropriate daughters, her intelligence and impressive educational background, her stance on healthy living and healthy children (direct correlation to the biggest epidemic in America right now, obesity) her role in the presidents life, her respectable (and drool worthy) wardrobe (…I mean really, SHE is the one who brought back heels and dresses, and correctly tailored pieces… again, Kate has mentioned Michelle is one of her fashion icons and more so, inspired her to not always buy into designer trends, but to keep it cool with jcrew dresses). Michelle Obama is the the most well rounded role model that women world wide could ask for, and women everywhere are rejoicing her and all that she stands for, all that she represents, all she has accomplished (especially Kate). As an outsider to America (a British citizen, currently living in Canada), I find it sad that you think Kate is the proper role model for young women these days. The whole world is in love with Michelle and her husband, why don’t some of you Americans get this?! Kate and Will would have never visited the Bush’s, they were visiting the Obamas, becuase KATE wanted to meet Michelle!! That is the only reason they went to America in the first place! You want your young girls to grow up wanting to be Kate, marrying someone who will give them a life of entitlement? I want my daughters growing up thinking they could be Michele, and do everything she could do if they WORKED HARD at it! That is the attitude, Michelles is the attitude, that will foster a generation of doers and not dreamers.


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