Day Three of Top Conservatives and Liberals

by NeW Staff on January 13, 2010 · 0 comments

It's Day 3 of Top Conservatives and Liberals, and the stakes are getting higher. I found some interesting ones today.  I'm curious to know what you readers think...

Top Conservatives, 60-41:
Number 54: Leadership Institute President Morton Blackwell
Number 49: Indiana Senator Richard Lugar
Number 46: Political Strategist (for President Clinton) Dick Morris
Number 44: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Number 42: Author Michelle Malkin

Top Liberals, 60-41:
Number 59: Minnesota Senator Al Franken
Number 52: Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter
Number 50: Businessman and Philanthropist Warren Buffett
Number 46: Satirist Stephen Colbert
Number 41: Former Democratic Party Chairman, Howard Dean

Again, some interesting names on the lists and where they fall.  For instance, Dick Morris once strategized for a Democratic Presidential candidate is on the conservative side.  And former Republican turned Democrat, Arlen Specter, now finds himself on the liberal side.  It shows you can't base someone's ideological stance on their "political label."  

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