Dating by Lip Gloss Color

by NeW Staff on March 16, 2010 · 0 comments

This week, I am taking a break from writing about The Feminine Mystique. Yesterday, I was reading and clicked their infamous “Dude” link, which took me to an article from The Sun. The article talks about a new lip gloss that changes shade depending on whether a woman is “turned-on” or not. The author mentions that this could be potentially embarrassing to a woman if used in the wrong setting, but that the product is clever. Then, a dating expert chimes in calling the lip gloss “the ultimate date ice breaker.”

I have no qualms about the product itself – after all, the science behind it is pretty neat – but I did find it alarming that a dating expert would call it the ultimate ice breaker for a date. If lip gloss changing color based on whether a woman is ready for sex is the ultimate ice breaker according to a dating expert, then what does that say about the dating world? Does that mean modern dating is essentially for sex and women should wear lip gloss to show that to men?

Especially on college campuses, the hook-up culture has become a supplement for the dating culture and this dating expert’s comment only summarizes that point. Perhaps it is time dating experts give dating advice rather than have women rely on color-changing lip gloss to find a partner for sex.

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